The Daily Discovery Blog


The Daily Discovery Blog is is a daily devotional along the lines of the Oswald Chambers classic, My Utmost His Highest. The Daily Discovery Blog makes use of the tools in The Discovery Bible that enrich and deepen the reading of Scripture by bringing out the word emphasis and other shades of meaning built into the original text that do not translate well to English.

The English translations of the Bible are taken from Hebrew and Greek texts. Both of the original languages used sentence structure to emphasize certain words, but English sentence structure is not that flexible. Wouldn’t you like to know which words the authors of the Bible emphasized?

The original languages used verb tenses that are foreign to English; some words in the original languages do not have equivalent English words; and English often has singular words for which Hebrew and Greek may have two or more words with different meanings.

For instance, the English word, love, is used to translate eros (sexual and marital love), philia (deep friendship, affection, dispassionate, virtuous love), agape (love for everyone, brotherly love, charity) and storge (parent/child love, familial love). (Wikipedia)

The Discovery Bible includes a lexicon and concordance, allowing the Bible reader to dig deeper into the meaning of the text. The Discovery Bible packs a library of materials into single, daily Bible. You do not have to understand Hebrew and Greek to get the benefits of that understanding with The Discovery Bible.

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