The Discovery Bible Background

The Discovery Bible began in 1976 when Dr. Gleason Archer (consulting editor) and Dr. Gary Hill (general editor) teamed up in a life-long partnership to produce biblical resources.  After 11 years of work, they released The Discovery Bible New Testament (1987, Moody Publishers, Chicago), which quickly became a best-seller.  By overlaying an NASB with emphasis and Greek verb tense markers, The Discovery Bible New Testament enabled people with no Greek background to come to a greater understanding of the Scriptures.

In the following years, Dr. Archer and Dr. Hill produced an expansive OT and NT grammar, devotional-lexicon called the HELPS Word-studies, Bible Encyclopedia, and the HELPS Commentary series.  These materials were “refined in the fire” of daily ministry and world missions and continue to have a profound impact on believers all over the world. The Discovery Bible New Testament downloadable version is currently available for a free trial and for purchase, and the complete Bible OT and NT are in the process of being completed.



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