Our Daily Bread


“Our daily bread[i][ii][iii]” for which Jesus taught us to pray is what we need for our support, but what exactly is “our daily bread”? We think of sustenance, as in literal bread; we think of more figurative applications like food, resources, maybe even money, shelter, etc. It certainly can mean that, but Jesus did not mean that – at least not just that.

In fact, He certainly meant more than that, and not just more than that; the real and significant meaning is precisely more than that. Continue reading


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread


“Give[i] us this day our daily[ii] bread[iii].” (Matt. 6:12) Jesus expressly urges us to ask for the Father’s provision. It is not, therefore wrong to ask; we are instructed to ask; God expects us to ask!.

But, what is it exactly that God wants us to ask for?: Continue reading

As It Is In Heaven

Sun Thru the Woods

Jesus began the prayer that He taught us to pray by addressing God the Father who is in heaven (literally, the heavens (plural)[i], while asking just a few phrases later for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven[ii] (singular). (Matt. 6:10) Our English translations use “heaven” (singular) in both places, and the significance of the nuanced difference is lost, literally, in the translation.[iii]

While God the Father exists outside of time and space and inhabits infinite levels of “heavens” (spiritual realities beyond the physical world we know), and acknowledging Him in that sense is important as we direct our attention to God at the beginning of the Our Father, the singular “heaven” we pray for on earth is the sum of God’s purpose (His will). It is the ideal, God’s perfect will, we are urged to ask for and, thereby, participate in. Continue reading