Hallowed is His Name


“Our Father who is in heaven hallowed[i] be his name…” (Matt. 6:9) Special, sacred, holy and set apart is God. No one set Him apart. He just is (from the beginning and always, continuously and ever will be) holy.

Human words are wholly inadequate to describe God. Words developed by people describe the world as we see it, but we cannot see God. God is spirit. God is in the heavens, the spiritual places. What we know of God and the words we use to describe Him are inadequate for the task. Yet, all we have are our own words, to describe God. Continue reading

Our Father


“Our Father…” (Matt. 6:9) begins the only prayer that Jesus taught. Though Jesus prayed often, the only insight we have into the prayer life of Jesus and his relationship with the Father is contained in what we know call The Lord’s Prayer. This is the beginning of a series of blog articles on that prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

Jesus starts with acknowledging, “Our Father”… God the Father, the maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen, the God who exists before and beyond time and space, who made everything out of nothing, who spoke and it all came to be, who holds the entire universe in balance, the breadth and depth and width and height of which we cannot even visualize.

This God, who is greater than anything we could possibly imagine, who is the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the King of Kings, who holds all things together by His will, this God who does not need us, this God nevertheless instructs us to call him our Father! That, by itself, is worth contemplating. Continue reading